Valentine’s Day, a celebration of all things romantic since the 14th century, is almost upon us. The often seemingly unemotional English will spend 1.3 billion pounds (around AUD$2.5 billion) on gifts, while their impassioned counterparts in the United States of America will send each other over 190 million cards! Beyond the hearts-and-flowers consumerism, these 5 tips will help both your health and your love life now and beyond the 14th February.

  1. Walk together. In addition to the health benefits of walking, it’s a great way to debrief, talk about the day and build a stronger friendship with your significant other. After all, it doesn’t get much more romantic than walking hand-in-hand down the beach.
  2. Be in the moment. In less than five years smartphones have gone from a novelty to ubiquitous. We’re more connected, yet often missing out on real connection. Choose to ignore your iOS or Android device, make eye contact, engage in a real conversation with the people you care about, give the gift of time and your undivided attention.
  3. Get in bed. No, not what you’re thinking! Getting a good night’s sleep will make you happier, less irritable, more attractive, you’ll live longer and yes even enjoy better sex.
  4. Drink water. Enjoy increased energy, less fatigue, improved skin complexion and improved state of mind. All from keeping hydrated with 2-3 litres of pure water a day.
  5. Going to a retreat together. The couples that come to Living Valley Health Retreat enthusiastically talk about how much they gain from doing a retreat together and learning how to enjoy vibrant health as a couple.

As Abraham Lincoln said, “In the end, it’s not the years in your life that count. It’s the life in your years.”
Here’s to happier, more vibrant relationships and good health!