When it comes to ‘health’ most people truly want optimal wellness and longevity. Let’s change want to have!

No one really desires to be sick. Yet our hospitals and cemeteries are full of victims of lifestyle-related diseases. Over the years many patients have said to me, “If only I had stopped smoking years ago; if only I had exercised more; if only I had beaten my sugar addiction; if only I had looked into a change to healthy eating; if only….” It is a great thought to believe we are immortal until we discover that we are not.

It is possible to live a long, happy and healthy life and to pass without experiencing the suffering associated with long drawn out diseases. However, with most people, such a possibility would require change NOW.

No measure or effort is too small. Simply making the decision to alter one’s daily lifestyle is a big step in the right direction. Small changes in eating habits can have a huge impact, while regular daily exercise, early nights and proper hydration will promote high energy levels and clarity of mind.

Make a decision to go refined sugar-free!

Refined sugar hit the market as a commercial product in 1820. Prior to that it was mostly only consumed by the Royals, who often suffered from 21st Century diseases. The people of the past generally had bitter palates. According to the Medieval author, Nicholas Culpepper, most preferred bitter herbs and savoury dishes. Children were rarely rewarded with sweets, as they too preferred bitter. These days we generally reward our children with sweets, often setting them up with a life-long addiction to health-destroying products. Dr Weston Price, who spent ten years in the field studying indigenous societies, found that the disease-free population groups, that mostly lived to well over one hundred years, rarely consumed anything sweet. Moreover, fruit was a delicacy only eaten in season. Price documented many cases of robust indigenous children who all had naturally bitter-savoury palates.

We probably all know people who violated the natural laws of health for decades before suffering any consequences, but recent statistics indicate that such anomalies are very rare these days. We probably also knew people who enjoyed the pleasures of bad living for just a season before decline and death took them by surprise.

Change requires tenacity. Habits can take weeks to beat, but firm resolve will produce a lifestyle that can elevate you right up to the high places of life! It is worth the effort.

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Start today!

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