When you think of foods which strengthen your immune system, you may think of leafy green vegetables or daily vitamins. But, do you think of bee pollen? You should.

Bee Pollen is a superfood which can have a tremendously positive impact on your immune system, stress levels and overall functioning. According to many studies, pollen interacts with other types of cells, resulting in an increase in the functioning of your immunity to certain illnesses and a suppression of allergic symptoms.

Just one tablespoon of bee pollen comes loaded with an array of over 250 different vitamins and flavonoids, and you can add the pollen to other foods in order to get a healthy dose every morning. Bee pollen contains 35% protein, and is high in B complex vitamins and vitamins A, C, D and E. It also contains beta-carotene and selenium, which creates a powerful combination of elements that supports anti-aging. The actual dosage varies, depending on if you are a child or adult, but it is recommended that adults get 3-5 tablespoons every day, while kids stick to a lower dosage of 1-2 tablespoons per day.

Its impact is particularly dramatic when it comes to improving the immune system and can help to kill viruses and bacteria. It has also been found to help kill salmonella and other types of dangerous bacteria which can get humans extremely sick. The pollen was found to help to reduce the size of tumours and improve weight gain in sick mice. In a particularly interesting study of 25 women with uterine cancer, women who were given pollen showed improvements in their health including:

  • Higher levels of cancer-fighting cells
  • Increased production of antibodies
  • Increased level of haemoglobin cells
  • Lower levels of sickness due to chemotherapy

Bee pollen has also been used in weight control by correcting possible chemical imbalances in body metabolism. As bee pollen is 15% lecithin by volume it helps to dissolve and flush fat from the body and stimulate the metabolic process, resulting in an increased speed at which calories are burned. It has also been used to reduce hunger and cravings for addictive substances.

Bee pollen is well worth it: Its positive impacts are well documented and can make a dramatic improvement in your life.

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