The Living Valley program was created by Master Herbalist Al Wolfsen in the USA in the 1940’s. Al operated successful cleansing clinics in Hawaii, California and Texas. In 1986, Al conducted training courses in Australia for selected therapists who had demonstrated an interest in establishing genuine health retreats in this country. As a result two families joined forces to create Australia’s leading genuine health retreat.

Les Shaw and his wife, Kay, completed the Wolfsen training in late 1986, then established a small health retreat in Mullumbimby, NSW.

Gary Martin, Financier, and his wife Debbie lived in Sydney until late 1986. Gary and Debbie had adopted a number of health reforms and had been studying lifestyle and its relationship to disease for several years. In 1984 they purchased a property in Northern NSW to establish a lifestyle education and treatment centre.

In 1987 the Shaws and the Martins met at a health camp near Kempsey. In 1988 they jointly established the Border Ranges Centre for Health and Lifestyle, while all members of the families continued to study natural medicine.

For two years they tried and tested the Wolfsen 10 day cleanse, achieving nothing less than remarkable results. As patients continued to report their amazing recoveries, the reputation of the centre spread far and wide. They were invited to conduct lifestyle seminars in many parts of Australia, as they encouraged others to join in the new health revolution.