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"If I was struggling with my mental health, Living Valley would be the first place I'd book in to. I saw first hand the life changing work they do. Set on rolling green hills, I love that it has a down to earth feel and the staff all genuinely care." Angie Hilton

Why choose Living Valley?

A Fresh Approach

The current culture of addressing mental health through hourly sessions with a treating practitioner on a weekly or fortnightly basis is not based on any scientific research to demonstrate its effectiveness for the client.

In fact, recent research has shown that intensive psychological therapy sessions conducted over a short period time period can have the same or greater effectiveness as multiple sessions spaced over many months where the patient then returns home to the same environment and triggers that perpetuate their current challenges.

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We champion a holistic approach

Published research demonstrates that mental health is affected by a variety of factors, many of which cannot be fully addressed in conventional talk therapy. Exercise, nutrition, sleep issues, inflammation, hormones, hydration, digestion and toxicity have all been scientifically proven to directly affect one’s mental health. A proper mental health protocol must consider all of these. The Living Valley Mental Wellness program delivers a superior level of wholistic care including physical therapies, lifestyle education, mental and emotional support, naturopathy and personal attentions.

Our Mental Wellness Program provides you with the tools (both physically and mentally) to navigate a new path towards fulfilment, purpose and meaning, and the journey towards this continues when you leave. We offer support through the next 8-weeks through our Mental Wellness Follow-up Program.

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Meet our psychology team

Our Mental Health Practitioners have years of experience looking beyond labels of mental illness to focus on lifting each person out of the psychological barriers that may be keeping them stuck. We will work towards rediscovering what brings meaning and fulfilment to your life.

You may be eligible to receive a Medicare Rebate if you visit your GP prior to arriving at the retreat to obtain a Mental Health Care Plan (contact us for more information). A rebate may be available for those with private health insurance ‘extras’ cover.

Didier & Shannan

Didier Appave heads up the Living Valley Psychology Department. He holds a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and Postgraduate Diploma of Psychological Studies at Western Sydney University, as well as a Postgraduate Diploma of Professional Psychology at the Australian College of Applied Psychology. Didier has experience, and a history of success, working with various presentations including anxiety and depression, adjustment difficulties, grief, relationship issues, stress management and trauma. Didier is well known for his expertise in the delivery of viable solutions.

Shannan Thomas holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work. She has a long history of success working in the mental health sector at hospitals and in the community. Shannan has experience and expertise in providing optimal support for individuals presenting with a variety of psychological and emotional challenges such as phobias, fears and anxiety. Her specialties include mindfulness, stress management and trauma recovery. Shannan has a passion for people, to help them realize optimal mental health and happiness, in a wholistic way.

Mental health is more than a Diagnosis

There was a time when the term mental health was only used for people that were admitted to mental institutions or received a specific diagnosis.

Unfortunately, this has added to an unhelpful stigma that mental health is as a disease and abnormality, which in turn has caused many to feel embarrassed to seek help and attain wellness.

Thankfully, the truth is becoming clearer, mental health and wellness is as relevant to every person as physical health and research is demonstrating that taking time to work on your mental wellbeing is just as crucial as eating a balanced diet or exercise.

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Our Mental Health Retreat is individually tailored to address a wide range of difficulties including:


Experiencing symptoms of low mood, diminished interest in daily life activities, low motivation and frequent guilt or sadness.


Experiencing physical symptoms such as accelerated breathing, increased heart rate, nausea/discomfort in the stomach and insomnia, as well as psychological symptoms such as frequent worries or doubts, difficulties concentrating, and often feeling restless, irritable or on edge.

Grief, Trauma and PTSD

Experiencing anxiety or distress in relation to traumatic life experiences. This may include frequent thoughts (sometimes intrusive or unwanted) about the trauma, fears of the event recurring, or avoiding of certain situations that were previously part of normal life.

Burnout and Stress

Experiencing ongoing or chronic stress which may be coupled with symptoms of depression and anxiety. A sense of being overwhelmed with one or multiple areas of life sometimes associated with uncertainty, avoidance and difficulties in decision making.

Unfulfillment and Loss of Direction

Experiencing a sense of being stuck in ‘doing life’ rather than truly living. Feeling as though you are existing or surviving your life rather than thriving through life; feeling detached from a sense of meaning and purpose.

Uncertainty and Goal Clarification

Reaching an important point or crossroads in your life that requires clarity and discernment to move forward effectively. Whether it be in relation to career, relationships, health or other domains of life, attaining clarity on your values and goals is critical to choosing your actions through major transitions in life.

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Mental Health is for the whole body

It’s no secret that the mind and the body are intimately connected, yet this critical relationship is still often overlooked in most mental health treatment approaches. Our Mental Wellness Program leaves no stone unturned and has its roots in a holistic approach to mental health. Throughout your stay on the Mental Wellness Program you will receive the following:

What’s involved in a Mental Wellness Retreat

Psychological Care
Our psychology team will work closely with you in an individualised and directed approach. Our psychologists are passionate about first helping each individual to fully understand their own mental health and the factors affecting it. From this foundation they will help you to identify and address the unhelpful thoughts, painful emotions and destructive behaviours that stand in the way of mental clarity and behavioural autonomy.
Naturopathic Care
Our team of naturopaths specialise in assessing and addressing the various biological and chemical factors that can contribute to depression, anxiety and stress. Your mental health is not in your mind alone, and our naturopaths will work with you privately to show how addressing various factors such as; gut health, hormones, neurochemical dysregulation, inflammation, toxicity and nutrition, can enrich your mental and emotional wellbeing. Toxicity overload is particularly important to address and our naturopaths will guide you through strategies to promote detoxification during your stay.
Exercise & Physical Activity
Physical exercise has immensely strong research support demonstrating its benefit to symptoms of anxiety, depression, stress and PTSD. It is critical to improving and sustaining positive mental health. You will receive personal training sessions throughout your program which are tailored to your needs and abilities. Our qualified Personal Trainer will then work with you on creating an achievable exercise plan to take home. In addition to this, we will schedule daily fitness and stretching classes as well as guided nature walks to ensure that you receive the full benefits of exercise during your stay.
Nutrition and Nourishment
You will be provided with organic and pesticide free food that is free from the many nasties that can contribute to depression, anxiety, insomnia and fatigue. You will also learn how to maintain a healthy and nutritious lifestyle through our ‘Food for Thought’ workshop where our naturopaths and chef will educate and demonstrate how to eat your way to mental wellbeing
Relaxation and Rejuvenation
Escape the stress of life as our highly skilled and qualified therapists take you through a range of relaxing treatments over the course of your stay. You may choose to enjoy a relaxing massage, a detoxifying clay wrap, or treat yourself to a selection of our spa treatments
Tranquillity and Mindfulness
Our entire program is nestled in the tranquil and pristine countryside of the Noosa hinterland. Taking time away from your day to day life and immersing yourself in nature life is therapy in itself. You may choose to explore some of our on-site walking tracks or alternatively have a sauna and relax by the pool.
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The whole team at Living Valley is here for you. We look forward to giving you the best overall healing experience available.

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