Meet Some Of The Team

With over 30 years’ experience, the Living Valley team has attended to over 20,000 guests, helping every one of them to optimise health and longevity. Members of the Living Valley team are specialists in naturopathic and herbal medicine, remedial therapies and weight loss help, rejuvenation, healing and life extension. We implement solutions based on the philosophy that our bodies are designed to win when given the right conditions.

Gary Martin

ND. AFAIM. Retreat Founder / Director

In 1990 Gary co-founded Living Valley Springs for the purpose of relieving sickness, suffering and distress - and making life better for as many people as he could. He was awarded the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association Professional Excellence Award in 2008. Gary has built a team of friendly, caring professionals who all live to serve others. His principles in relation to lifestyle, disease and natural healing have helped turn around the health and lives of over ten thousand people.

Giselle Martin


Giselle is the daughter of Gary Martin. Her first role was Head Cook 1995 thru 2000. Since then she has worked in every department including gardening, maintenance and cleaning, beauty therapies, massage, reception, accounts, shop, marketing and now management. Giselle is an enthusiastic health advocate, presenter, wholesome food creator and cooking instructor. She is also a health & well-being educator, an author and mother of 3 children. She strives to apply all her experience and skills for the benefit of others. With over 25 years’ experience in natural health and healing, Giselle was appointed Managing Director and CEO in November 2016.

Cathy Paterson

General Manager / Bookings Consultant

Sarah Smith

Reception Manager / Bookings Consultant

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Aaliyah Tiyan

Therapist / Housekeeping / Product Packing & Dispatch

Aaliyah is the Daughter of Giselle Martin, our CEO, and Granddaughter to our Founders Gary & Debbie Martin.

Mark Smith

Personal Trainer & Group Stretch Class Facilitator

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Kirsten Sweeney


Kirsten is a qualified Naturopath with a Bachelor of Health Sciences degree. She is a qualified Fitness Trainer and a Mindfulness Coach, having been a valued team member of the Living Valley team for over 5 years. Following a long career in Sales & Marketing in Sydney, Kirsten redirected her energies to her passion for good food, nature and sport. Having experienced first hand the benefits of natural medicine, she retrained in Queensland to become a Naturopath with a passion for making a difference in people’s lives.

The pressures of work, social engagements and parenthood can stretch us, impacting negatively on our well-being. Kirsten can help you to implement & maintain a health plan that will fit your lifestyle in your world today .

Kirsten is a modern, caring naturopath who brings the finest possible healthcare to her clients. She takes a modern approach, infusing scientific, evidence-based practice with traditional therapies to achieve the best possible outcome for each of her clients. She also believes in working with allied medical doctors and other professionals to build a new integrated health model to achieve optimum health for individuals and for today’s society.

Kirsten provides complete support to Living Valley clients, in an effort to lead them to a happier, healthier more fulfilling life.

Tamara Eldridge

Qualified Chef & Food Lover

Leanne Johnston


Kaigasee Gleeson

Guest & Kitchen Services / Housekeeping

Didier Appave


Didier has completed a Graduate Diploma in Psychology and a Post Graduate Diploma of Psychological Studies at the Western Sydney University. In addition, he has completed the Post
Graduate Diploma of Professional Psychology at the Australian College of Applied Psychology in Sydney.
Didier has experience working with a number of presentations including anxiety and depression, along with adjustment difficulties, grief, relationship difficulties, stress management, weight management, goal setting, problem identification and trauma. He endeavours to tailor therapy to the individual client’s needs, personality and motivation. Didier approaches therapy with a positive regard for the client and is trained in a number of therapeutical approaches including Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and has recently completed additional couples therapy education.

Shannan Thomas

Psychology and Social Work

Shannan Thomas holds a Bachelor Degree in Psychology and a Masters in Social Work. She has a long history of success working in the mental health sector at hospitals and in the community. Shannan has experience and expertise in providing optimal support for individuals presenting with a variety of psychological and emotional challenges such as phobias, fears and anxiety. Her specialties include mindfulness, stress management and trauma recovery. Shannan has a passion for people, to help them realize optimal mental health and happiness, in a wholistic way.