At Living Valley Springs we believe “it is better to educate than to medicate.” Individual knowledge of the past has greatly diminished with the growing dependence on health professionals and pharmaceutical drugs for relief from disease. By sharing the simple, proven science of a balanced diet, we hope to assist in overcoming chronic diseases and premature deaths that often result from a lack of understanding in relation to food.

As a health education institution, our methods of information sharing include subsidised live-in detox programs, community health talks, the production of health education DVD’s and the publication of Lifestyle Excellence.

Living Valley Springs is a registered Public Benevolent Institution (DGR: 450305). All profits from the sale of products and programs go to the Living Valley Foundation and are used to sustain the institution and support health education and benevolent activities in Australia and overseas.

During the two Financial Years (2017 thru 2019) the Living Valley Foundation donated a total of $305,206 to support various benevolent projects. These included:-

  • $153,208 – East African Mission Orphanage
  • $83,240means tested sponsorship for critical therapies and care programs.
  • $68,758 – Various humanitarian charities in Australia, India, Kenya, New Zealand, Solomon Islands and Thailand.



Prior to the introduction of social security in the early 1970’s the people of Arnhem Land were renowned for their self-sufficiency and optimal health. Now nearly one in two adults in remote indigenous communities, like Galiwin’ku on Elcho Island, struggle with chronic disease. Under the direction and support of Dr Kama Trudgen and her husband Timothy Trudgen BSc (Hons), BA (Anthropology)(Hons), a selected group of indigenous ladies will venture to Living Valley Health Retreat for two weeks of therapy and health education.

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The need is great – did you know that…

280 people a day are diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. A total of 1.7 million Australians have it with it expected to double in the next 18 years. The total financial cost of type 2 diabetes is estimated at $10.3 billion every year.

61% of Australians are now overweight. Lifestyle related diseases are going to be the biggest burden on our health system in only a couple of years. Currently related costs are 8% of Australian GDP.

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