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With over fifty staff on the team, we deliver the highest level of professional and personal care available. Choose your wellness retreat experience of a 3, 7, 14, 21, 28 day or longer program to restore, detox, cleanse and pamper body and mind. Our team is here for you seven days a week, 51 weeks a year.

Power Cleanse and Detox Retreat at Living Valley


7 Days – The Ultimate Tune-up

You’ll leave feeling cleansed, refreshed and recharged from this amazing one-week reboot. Our most popular program! Appreciated by 600 people per year.

Medically designed detox program that really works. Includes naturopathic consultations and personal meal planning, with the priority of setting you on a path to long-term wellness. Enjoy cleansing juices, detox shakes, organic gourmet meals and a variety of cleansing, therapeutic treatments.

Power Cleanse Package
Pure Detox retreat package at Living Valley


14 Days – Achieve a Deeper Cleanse

Come away from this whole-body detox program refreshed, looking great, with increased energy & mental clarity. Valued by over 200 people per year.

A serious cleansing inside and out. Supervised by our team of naturopaths, this program deals with all kinds of health issues. Packed with therapeutic treatments, pilates and exercise classes, organic meals, cleansing juices and detox shakes, the Pure Detox is educational and thorough.

Pure Detox Package


You’ll leave feeling cleansed, refreshed and recharged from this amazing reboot. Brand New Program!

This program combines 28 years’ experience with the most up-to-date therapies, science and psychology to reduce cellulite, gain muscle and shed unwanted fat.

Weight Management Package


Come away from this whole-body detox program refreshed, looking great, with increased energy & mental clarity. Very popular program.

A unique mental and emotional health and wellness package of therapeutic activities that can make a huge difference. This program is designed to get to the core, to deal with the blockages and to set you free to focus on the things that really matter.

Emotional Wellness Package
The Absolute package from Living Valley


21 & 28-day options – Best of the Best

The absolute for whatever you’re needing to achieve with your health – taking the best from our Power Cleanse and Pure Detox packages!

Absolute Package
Total Transformation retreat package


14 Days – The New Start

The ultimate new start to rejuvenate the system, restore vitality and enhance physical and mental performance.

Total Transformation Package
Men's Ultimate Health Package


7 or 14 Days – De-stress, Lose Weight, Gain Muscle & Boost Prostate Health

Designed specifically for men, this program works on the key areas that affect many men today.

Men's Ultimate Health Package
Healthy Holiday package


7 Days – A Relaxing Escape

If you’re seeking a relaxing time-out to refocus and look after you, this is it. Escape into the Noosa Hinterland!

Healthy Holiday Package
Womens Flourish Program


7, 14 or 21 Day Retreat – Empowerment

Designed by women for women, our Flourish Retreat programs will give you the ultimate getaway from life’s stressful realities.

Women's Flourish
Rejuvenator escape package


3 -Days – A Healthy Getaway

A Sunday to Wednesday healthy escape! Stop. Reset and recharge with healthy food, spectacular scenery and professional therapeutic care.

Rejuvenator Package