All Living Valley therapists are ‘specialists’ in their fields. They are genuine examples of what they teach. Each therapist has the detailed knowledge and understanding of what must be done to assist you on your journey to optimum health.

You will receive the best treatment from the best therapists available. With a level of professionalism and care that is unsurpassed, the team at Living Valley offers Australia’s most comprehensive programs and natural therapies tailored to suit your needs.

Massage Therapy

Massages are one of the fastest ways to rejuvenate the body and revitalise energy. The Living Valley therapists are trained in an advanced form of Swedish Remedial Massage – a deep treatment that promises to improve your circulation, create deep relaxation, loosen up tight muscles and leave you feeling renewed.

Specific problems including sports injuries, frozen shoulder and chronic back pain will require individual assessment before being treated.

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The Lymphatic System is one of the major eliminating systems in the body. Lymphatic vessels circulate throughout the body and look much like blood vessels, and is pumped by the diaphragm.

With proper breathing and exercise the lymph fluid moves throughout the body carrying toxins to the special dumping stations. An unhealthy western diet and sedentary lifestyle will result in a clogged lymphatic system.

The Lymphatic Drainage technique employed at Living Valley was developed by the Weller Institute after extensive study of the Lymphatic System. It uses a method of manipulation that specifically targets superficial lymphatic vessels throughout the body. This gentle massage is often a totally new experience for clients and is both beneficial and extremely relaxing!

Colonic Hydrotherapy

The health of the body is greatly determined by the cleanliness of the colon. Colonic Hydrotherapy is the most effective way to clean and detoxify this vital organ.

At Living Valley you will experience the Chevallum method of Colonic Hydrotherapy. A qualified therapist will gently flush the colon with pure water a number of times while applying gentle external massage over the abdomen to mobilise and eliminate trapped toxins.

The wash method breaks up old faecal matter, which can be trapped for significant time. It also strengthens and tones the bowel. The colon has a powerful ability to absorb liquids. Your therapist will introduce personalised herbal formulas to stimulate and strengthen organs in your body.

For your safety all apparatus is sterilised under extreme heat, and properly treated in accordance with the ‘Australian Standards for Infection Control’. All our Colonic Therapists have been thoroughly trained and are fully compliant with the provisions contained within the Australian Standards for Infection Control policy and procedure manual.

Catheters are available for a small cost, if you prefer to have your own. Once purchased, the new catheter will be yours to keep for any further treatments either at Living Valley or other clinics.

Steam Baths

For centuries steam baths have been used as a therapeutic cleanser and immune stimulant. Steam encourages the elimination of toxins from the largest organ in the body, the skin.

Cold showers after each session will promote healthy white blood cell activity while creating a sense of invigoration and well-being – and provide deep and beneficial detoxification. Guests are encouraged to enjoy two steam bath sessions each and every day, to maximise the detoxification process. A steam bath at the end of each day is a great reward indeed!

Facial Massage

Facial treatments promote hydration and relaxation. They are also extremely therapeutic for both men and women!

The Living Valley facial begins with cleansing and exfoliating the skin, followed by a relaxing facial massage. A gentle mask will then be applied to hydrate, purify and soften the skin.

The facial treatment also includes hot towel therapy, a hand and arm massage and a head and scalp massage that will leave you feeling totally rejuvenated and refreshed!

All Living Valley facial products are created using 100% natural ingredients, with suitable options for clients with sensitivities of any kind.

Clay Wrap

The ‘Full Body Clay Wrap’ is the ultimate detoxing relaxation treatment. You will  be showered, exfoliated with natural body polishing gel, then covered with a cool slurry of green or yellow clay – neck to foot. Gentle French white clay will be applied to your face.

The green and yellow clays are powerful, natural drawing agents, while the white clay is  more suitable for the sensitive skin of the face.

Once the clay is applied, you will have approximately 30 minutes to simply relax. Areas that dry faster may indicate local inflammation, while clay on areas with poor blood supply will stay moist. You will finish with a revitalising shower. You will be delighted by the freshness of your beautifully smooth skin.

Fever Bath (highly recommended)

The Fever bath  is a specialised hydrotherapy treatment that has been successfully used for hundreds of years for the benefit of patients with compromised immunity or chronic illness. The objective is to elevate the body temperature by up to 4 degrees Celsius.

While sitting in a bathtub of very hot herbal-infused water, you will sip peppermint tea. You will be attended by two experienced therapists. At every degree above normal temperature the activity of your white blood cells (T-cell, B-cell, macrophages) doubles. This is greatly beneficial to the immune system. Once the fever has risen to the desired temperature (15-20 minutes), you will helped out of the bath and wrapped in an icy cold wet sheet, and then cocooned in dry woollen blankets. Your body temperature will remain elevated as it tries to heat up the cocooned cold sheet. The object is to hold your body temperature as high as possible for at least 30 minutes in order to stimulate your immune system. Most people have up to 50 billion white blood cells on reserve in their bone marrow at any one time. When the body temperature is elevated and held throughout the duration of this treatment, militant white cells are released in mass from the bone marrow to combat invading microbes, bacteria and viruses. After 30 minutes, your therapist will help you into a cold shower, the shock of which will further stimulate your immune system. We recommend  that you return to your room and lie down for at least one hour after this treatment. Within two hours your white blood cell activity will have increased by up to 40 times what it was. Results for clients are often rapid and amazing. This treatment has permanently reversed symptoms associated with Ross River Fever, viral infections and immuno-deficient diseases. It has also benefited those suffering with various forms of cancer and those who have recently had chemotherapy treatments.

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