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Hope for Health Project Update

Jess is on her way, and will be updating this blog post as she goes, so please keep reading below to stay up to date: Last April, a group of twelve Yolngu women traveled from Arnhem Land to the Sunshine…
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Part 4: The Life Changing Results Of A Traditional Diet

Towards the end of our week on Elcho Island we were in and out of consultations and meetings. These consultations took place in Tim and Kama’s office and also my preferred consultation office, which is outside on the ground under the…
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Part 3: The Real Educators In Health And Wellness

Sunday was hunt day and this meant it was time to experience traditional food in all its primal glory. We were picked up by Tim, Kama, Eli and a couple of the Yolngu ladies and their adorable grandchildren. We visited…
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Part 2: Elcho Island Yolngu Health Update

Hello from Elcho Island!! My name is Jessica Gaunt and I am one of the Naturopaths at Living Valley Springs. Over the past year we have partnered with the Hope4Health team in Elcho island to support a dream they and…
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Part 1: Health Journey To Elcho Island

It has been just over 3 months since the wonderful Yolngu women from Elcho Island visited Living Valley Springs and not only had life changing results but also changed our lives forever in the process. During their stay we equipped,…
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