Shanna Whan's Story of Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

Shanna’s Story of Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

Inspirational is a word that's thrown around a lot these days, but this story qualifies. Shanna Whan shares a very real, raw, painful and ultimately hope-filled recovery from a long-term battle with alcohol addiction. Living Valley played a pivotal role in Shanna's…
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Jessica’s Elcho Island Updates

August 25th - Update Indigenous health retreat volunteer project This week we are very excited to send two of our staff members back to Elcho Island to support Hope for Health with their first ever Island Health Retreat Program! Hope…
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A Story about Courage and Survival – My Fight Against Breast Cancer

  I arrived at Living Valley Health Retreat in October 2015 feeling depleted, exhausted and broken after a year of intense Chemotherapy and Radiation treatment. Here I share with you my story of survival, a story into my life last…
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