When it comes to sleep, it’s long been documented how important it can be to get the seven to nine hours per night recommended by the Sleep Health Foundation. Not only are we more likely to wake up fully refreshed, we’ll be more alert, less irritable and ready to face the day.

What you may not have realised, though, is how the time at which you go to bed, and thus when you rise, can have a significant impact on your overall health – but what kind benefits can you look forward to if you’re early to bed, and early to rise, as the old adage goes.

The food you eat will be more wholesome

The science behind this benefit isn’t as complex as you might imagine. Think about it: If you’re late to bed – perhaps after watching a longer-than-anticipated movie or trying to catch up with work – but still have to be up to get to work in the morning, you’re going to want to cram in as much shuteye as possible.

This means staying in under the covers until the last possible minute, before jumping out for a quick shower, hastily dressing and heading out into the big, wide world.

What have you missed out? Breakfast, of course! As you head into work, your stomach starts rumbling, so you grab whatever’s most convenient, or run the risk of being late. What do you choose? Something greasy, fatty or processed from a cafe, most likely.

Skipping breakfast altogether is also bad news for your body. According to Victoria’s Better Health Channel, your mental acuity will be affected in a negative manner – focus will be lost and you’ll lack the necessary energy to complete your daily tasks in an efficient manner.

Giving yourself the extra time each morning to prepare a healthy, nutritious breakfast not only sets you up for an excellent start each day, but you’ll also make better food choices throughout, rather than choosing an enormous cheeseburger to fill the void!

Indeed, a Northwestern University study found that those who slept in consumed, on average, 248 more calories per day than the early birds – food for thought! If you’re having trouble sleeping why not send yourself away on one of our relaxing retreat packages?

Your productivity levels will soar

Again, much of what is behind this train of thought, is just good, old-fashioned common sense.

Firstly, you’ll find that after a good night’s sleep, not only will you feel fully refreshed, your brain and mind will be raring to go. This means that, typically, you’ll be most efficient during the mornings – as the day passes, your brain becomes more and more tired. Additionally, you’ll find that there are less distractions during the early hours of the day – most people are still asleep, after all – so you won’t find yourself distracted by text messages, social media or work emails.

According to Health Ambition, those that throw back the covers early each morning are markedly better at making decisions, planning important events and achieving end goals, so it makes sense to get your sleep health in good working order! The Living Valley experience can really help boost your overall productivity levels, so get in touch with us to see what we can do for you.

You’ll find more time to exercise

If you’ve managed to get in a quality eight hours, on top of rising early, you’ve already made a great beginning, so why not give yourself an even bigger head start with some exercise?

Going for a quick jog in the early air or performing a basic workout each morning can really get lend you an excellent energy boost, as well as helping you to sleep a little better when you retire at the end of the day. What’s more, exercising has a whole raft of benefits, but getting your regime done and dusted as the cockerel crows is better than at dusk, as nighttime fitness fanatics find it tougher to get to sleep due to all those endorphins running around their bodies!

Enjoyed this article, maybe have a question or would like to share what works for you in the morning? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 🙂