Our 10 simple things you can do on a regular basis at home that can help support these organs to do their job.

The process of detoxification is an activity that your body is designed to naturally perform on a routine basis. In fact your liver, lungs, colon, kidney and skin are the primary organs responsible for this daily function.

At Living Valley our programs have been specifically designed to assist your body in providing the ultimate conditions for an intensive and effective detox. Quite simply you could call it a ‘deep clean’.

There is, however, simple things you can do on a regular basis at home that can help support these organs to do their job.

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1. Sweat it out. Your skin is your largest eliminating organ. Sweating is the body’s way of regulating body temperature and removing toxins via the skin. Cardio exercise is a great way to induce sweating especially during the winter months. Add ½ cup Epsom’s Salts and ½ cup Bicarbonate Soda to a hot bath, soak and follow with a cold shower. This process will not only promote sweating but can help draw toxins from the body.

2. Just breathe. Breathing in deeply through the nose promotes oxygenation to the other detoxification organs of the body. Enhanced oxygenation also leads to better absorption of essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Deep rhythmic breathing can help massage the lymphatic system, which plays an important role in the elimination of toxins. Exhaling via the mouth is essential as this is how part of the body’s waste is removed in the form of carbon dioxide.

3. Drink Turmeric and Ginger tea. You can use the powdered form but fresh is always best. Steam a few slices of turmeric and ginger in a mug of hot water. Keep the mug covered with a lid or small plate while steaming, as this will stop the volatile oils escaping. Turmeric is one of the most powerful herbs for assisting liver detoxification and reducing inflammation. Ging

Detox cleanse and Nourish Yourself

4. What goes in, must come out. Regular bowel movements are paramount in moving waste from the body. You should be aiming for 2 to 3 bowel movements per day. Consuming prebiotic and probiotic foods on a daily basis are essential for keeping gut flora balanced and the bowels moving effectively. Examples of prebiotic foods include asparagus, leeks, onions, garlic and sweet potato with its skin attached. Sauerkraut, yoghurt and kefir are helpful probiotic foods.

5. Drink up. Water really is the most life giving substance on earth. Keeping hydrated assists the skin to sweat, hydrates the bowel, provides moisture for proper respiration of the lungs and helps flush toxins via the kidneys. Women should aim to drink at least 2.5L per day and men 3.5L. These goals are best achieved by sipping small amounts over the course of your day.

6. A lemon a day. Drinking a glass of water with a half a lemon squeezed into it is a wonderful way to start the day. Bitters such as lemon help to stimulate bile production, which in turn helps to eliminate toxins.

It’s your body, take control!

7. Go to bed. Your body detoxifies at night so it is important to go to bed early and get plenty of rest. Recent research has also shown that your brain also performs a type of detoxification while you are sleeping. This function is performed by the glymphatic system whereby cerebral spinal fluid is pumped through your brain’s tissues, pushing waste from the brain into the body’s circulatory system and then onto the liver for processing and elimination.

8. Be aware of portion sizes. Eating large meals too late at night can negatively influence detoxification. Energy that should be focused on detoxification is instead concentrated on digesting food.

9. Reduce stress. Excessive stress disrupts every function within the human body including detoxification. It restricts blood vessels and causes cells to contract, reducing both the flow of nutrients and the transport of toxins out of the cells and into the bloodstream to be processed via the liver. Everyone has a different way of dealing with stress, but one of the simplest methods is to discover what makes you happy. Then do that on a regular basis!

10. Choose personal care items carefully. This includes toothpaste, deodorant, make up, shampoo and other products that we use on our bodies on a daily basis. These products commonly contain harmful toxins that build up in your system. If you are unsure of ‘clean’ alternatives, call the Living Valley Health Shop on 1800 644 733 and one of our knowledgeable team members would be happy to assist you.

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