Shanna’s Story of Recovery from Alcohol Addiction

17/05/2017 No Comments

Inspirational is a word that’s thrown around a lot these days, but this story qualifies. Shanna Whan shares a very real, raw, painful and ultimately hope-filled recovery from a long-term battle with alcohol addiction. Living Valley played a pivotal role in Shanna’s journey and we are both proud of her and privileged to know this amazing woman from rural Australia!

 “The journey to wellness looks different for everyone, but recovery from any addiction only happens when we surrender and admit we need help.” – Shanna Whan

I first met Shanna back in 2013 and have seen first hand the journey she has been on to recovery. Privileged to document her story in this video and know it will encourage others that recovery is possible – no matter what the addiction.

As a holistic detox and health retreat, our commitment is to professional care and individual solutions for people with a range of health concerns – from alcohol addiction to other addictive substances such as tobacco, recreational and prescription drugs, weight loss, depression, chronic fatigue, and hormonal imbalance to name a few. Our programs have evolved for 27 years, backed by world’s best clinical practice and provided in a beautiful natural environment on the Sunshine Coast that is the ideal place to rebalance and restore your health.

Take the First Steps to a New You!

A detox is all about cleaning the body and taking out the substances that are impeding your health such as alcohol, tobacco, processed foods, soft drinks. Then renourishing the body through either abstaining from certain substances or following a rigid detoxification program. Thus, by getting rid of the toxins sludging around in your body and replacing them with healthy nutrients, you can build a new, more healthy frame. Leaving you better equipped to deal with illness and injury, as well as having a sense of freshness you may not have felt for a very long time!

But just how do you go about detoxing? Here at Living Valley we have been cleansing and detoxing thousands of people for 27 years! Let our team of experts help your body realise its full potential with one of our naturopathically designed cleanse and detox retreat packages.

Packages Recommended for Specifically Targeting Alcohol Addiction

14-day Pure Detox

Come away from this two week whole-body detoxification program feeling totally refreshed!

14-days, from $6,500 all inclusive

21-day Absolute

The absolute for whatever you’re needing to achieve with your health.

21-days, from $9,660 all inclusive

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If you are looking to create lasting, positive change in your life along with an optimistic future, you can start today. Give one of our retreat advisors a call to discuss the perfect package for you!

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