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A Trip Abroad

“Soon after these procedures I started getting symptoms like depression, anger, aggression, spastic colon and bad digestion. I thought it was hereditary.”

During my primary school years in South Africa I excelled in my studies. In later years my schoolmates started to leave me behind, as I did not enjoy reading and studying, as I could never properly concentrate. I had been on a diet high in carbohydrates since childhood and margarine replaced butter very early in my life.

During my first employment, my medical aid paid for an extensive revision of my old deteriorating amalgam fillings. Soon after these procedures I started getting symptoms like depression, anger, aggression, spastic colon and bad digestion. I thought it was hereditary. At this time I was also on a low fat vegetarian diet. At the age of 42 I had more dental work done that involved fitting crowns and bridges to root canals and amalgam ridden teeth. These procedures were performed without any proper amalgam removal protocols. After this my symptoms got even worse. I thought it was just the pack of cards life dealt me and that I would just have to adapt or die. My business partnership and my marriage relationship suffered dearly during this time.

It was not until one of my employees developed cancer that I happened to hear of a set of Gary Martin’s DVD’s that contained helpful information. What a “real eye opener”! I then decided to have my amalgams removed by the prescribed protocol. Locating a dentist in SA was difficult, but with help from the LVS office staff we located one. Initially I improved after the removal, but 6 months later I hit rock bottom with symptoms like colitis, depression, cold symptoms, pins and needles, forgetfulness, inability to handle stress and decision making, insomnia, loss of confidence, nervousness, a stiff and dead-like feeling, anger eruptions, a bad antisocial phobia, anxiety, aching joints, pain in my liver and kidneys and chronic fatigue. Suicide felt like a good option. Finally my eyesight and brain concentration were affected. This really concerned me as it compromised my ability to communicate with God and fellow men. Alzheimer’s disease was haunting my thoughts and I was pretty useless to my business, family and society.

After a desperate email to Gary he advised me to come to LVS as soon as possible. He had spoken to Dr. Eric Davis and they were both concerned about my health. We emptied all the piggy banks and my daughter Suney chaperoned the “wreck”, to a brand new chapter in my life. The sincere tender love and care that the entire team at LVS has for their fellow man is simply unbelievable. The balanced knowledge about “real health”, the professional and thorough treatments, the simple but neat and highly effective facility and the un-spoilt Kin Kin environment was a perfect combination.

I also took a trip to Brisbane where Eric Davis Dental professionally and effectively removed my 5 root canals. Afterwards all my sinus and immune system problems disappeared. They gave a full report on my blood analysis explaining all the imbalances in my system.

During my time at LVS I drank kiloliters of water, walked kilometers, sat for hours in lectures and steam baths, reprogrammed my diet and lifestyle, stuck to the program and in return received back a quality of life I did not think was possible at my age.

It is now 9 months after my visit to LVS. The relapse after my return flight to South Africa did occur as Gary and Eric predicted and recurring ones after that. During the last month I improved in good solid muscle mass, my Ph normalised and I gained 3 kg in weight. I also regained the ability to return to my tattered business after an absence of 3 years. I am faithfully sticking to the prescribed program and after 9 months am now experiencing rapid improvement.