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70 Going On 40

“I emerged with a very clear mind, body and attitude towards my future.”

What a joyful moment revisiting Living Valley Springs once again, 12 years after my LIFE GIVING 10 day cleanse. Twelve years ago, when I lived in Kin Kin I met Gary Martin and his family in the local village. There I was with cigarette in hand, with extreme poor health from years of stress, hard work, drugs and alcohol. Gary invited me to Living Valley Springs, for what turned out to be the most important and exciting adventure of my life – which I must add, I am still travelling.

After a 10 day cleanse/detox which involved structured information on the ultimate healthy lifestyle, quality guidance and nurturing care, I emerged with a very clear mind, body and attitude towards my future. Gary also referred me to Eric Davis for total revision of my dentistry that was severely impacting my health.

Now 12 years later I look and feel younger than I felt before I went to Living Valley Springs. I have joy and happiness in every day and I feel absolutely EXCELLENT. Just a side issue – one of my personal goals back at the beginning, was for me to look just as glowing with health as all the people who work at Living Valley Springs. I have achieved this goal!

If it was not for the loving attentions and real life education that I received at the hands of such a dedicated team of professionals, I would have died over ten years ago. Instead I have enjoyed over 4000 days of life at its best. I turn 70 in March, yet I look and feel like a forty year old. I cannot thank Gary enough, and I recommend the Living Valley Springs program to everyone. Once you do it, stick to it. It really pays off.