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Starting New

“I have recently returned from a 10 day cleanse and I have not felt this good for many years.”

Over the past seven years or more I have experienced a very high level of continual stress partially related to relationship issues, business failures, starting a totally new career at age 50+ and two recent deaths of family members.

While I have never suffered bad health, I was on the edge of emotional burnout and beginning to really ‘feel my age’. I knew I needed something special to help me smile and relax again. I searched the internet and discovered Living Valley Springs and I am so glad I did!

LVS is not just a luxury spa like most of the others I researched. Not only does it offer wonderful luxurious treatments and lovely accommodation, but the level of personalised care and concern I encountered from the whole team is too wonderful to describe effectively. The deep cleanse I experienced through this intensive detox program, was achieved with the support of experienced naturopaths, therapists and the kitchen team preparing wholesome meals, juices and broths.

Before I attended LVS, I thought I knew a lot about health and nutrition but I have now learnt so much more. I also thought I was healthy but discovered I was on the path to ill-health. I thought I knew a lot about personal empowerment but Joanne’s sessions have really impacted my life. I thought I had heard too many motivational speakers but Gary’s ‘Focus’ talk could have been presented just for me.

I am now living the lifestyle I was taught as well as I can. While I always felt ‘healthy’ I am now feeling younger, fitter and more in charge of my body. Emotionally I feel I am years younger. I have fallen in love with my husband again (just in time for our 25th wedding anniversary in April) and I know I will never go back to how I was before.

My 10 days at LVS was the best thing I have ever done for myself and for my family.