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Healed in Emotion, Body & Spirit

“Each of you blessed me more than you will know.”

Hi Gary, I know most of the letters you receive start with thanking you and the staff, but I can’t think of a better way to begin. I was overwhelmed by the concern and care that was showered on me over my ten days with you. I have been telling everyone that you guys were “grace on legs”. From the cleaners, the wonderful Janet and Nita in the kitchen who were willing to give us recipes, Graham and Tennelle for my naturopathic sessions, you and the guys who helped us every day, to the caring staff doing the treatments – you were all a huge blessing to me.

My ten days at Living Valley Springs is up there in the top ten most amazing experiences of my whole life. I have been healed in my emotions, my body and my spirit. I have come home invigorated and really changed. I am blessed to have a loving family and already they have seen changes in me.

I think I have always been a person who is positive with others but not with myself. Doing the “Empowerment Package” with Joanne has taught me so much about how to love myself better so that I can love others more.

To all the friends I made doing the program, thank you so much for your support. Thanks also to the girls for the conversations in the steam bath. These were a highlight of my day. I will remember all of you even if we never see each other again. Each of you blessed me more than you will know. All the best and God bless.