Kathleen Luck

11/10/2023 No Comments

Hi team at Living Valley!

Well it is back to reality this week (I much prefer the rolling hills of LV and misty mornings and stunning sunsets!) and trying to instil everything I learned last week and put to practice.  Golly it is hard!

I wanted to take this opportunity to pass on my thanks…

Janelle – I am so grateful for your time to helping to keep my ‘insides’ healthy.  I have tried to implement as many food choices and meal planning as possible! Still learning how to make broth and the protein shakes the ‘real’ way (not the old school way) and hubby is enjoying these welcomed changes too.  I am grateful for the time you spent with me.

Didier – To the fellow who helps people keep the inside of their heads right… thank you! I am grateful for those last printouts you organised for me, and I have them stuck up at home to remind me of all the good things and how to practice that self thought to action.  Thank you!

Sofija – I’m so sorry I nearly passed out on your at our first gym session! But you were so patient and guided me really well and I appreciated the extra notes on where to buy great snacks and foods from.

To Etai and Mat… or is that Mat and Etai??!! Oh either way, you guys are just the bees knees – you really rode the wave of emotions with me last week, and I know you must do this every week, you’re wonderful people.  Thank you for your patience, listening ear and great advice.  You made the experience at LV so worth while, and next time I promise I’ll go a bit softer at boxing Mat… haha was fun

To Rohan (chef) and all the assistive kitchen staff, I wish I could steal you for a week to come teach me how to recreate these delicious morsels in my own home (Rohan… can you believe I have tried twice to make chicken broth and burned it both times! I’m pretty special).  The skill and finess you bring is something I looked forward to each day, thank you xo

Jess – the lady with ‘the voice’, what a gentle beautiful soul you are. The Friday night letting go ceremony and jigging around the camp fire was a highlight, thank you so much for your wisdow and time you gave us.

And to Bob… what a super star! He is a wonderful asset to the LV family and being the first person we met, he set the tone for our whole welcoming journey.  Thanks for the Saturday trip to the beach Bob, that was wonderful for my soul and to swim in the salt water was magical.

Now I am looking for local steam rooms and I’ll be the crazy woman who is rotating between that and the cold pool several times – I’ll just have to tell them where I learned this!

Thank you to you all again so very much. I look forward to coming back again next year for a ‘top up’.

Keeping it real (or at least surreal),

Kathleen Luck