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Renewed Energy

“I had a renewed energy upon completion of the “journey” at Living Valley Springs.”

My name is Hettie Andrighetto, I am 51 years old. My husband sent me to Living Valley Springs as my health had been poor for quite some time, particularly following treatment for Breast Cancer and being placed on an anti-estrogen drug which brought on menopause. I was fatigued, rapidly putting on weight, had large fibroids and other ailments which were getting me down. I was also having some emotional turmoil regarding several facets of my life.

Even though I didn’t feel I needed to do the Empowerment Package, it turned out to be very beneficial to me and was really just what I needed. The staff at Living Valley Springs were so beautiful, nothing was too much trouble and everyone applied the treatments with enthusiasm and tender care. I even climbed Mt. Coorora, which I said I wasn’t going to do due to my fear of heights. I had a renewed energy upon completion of the “journey” at Living Valley Springs, and when I returned home I was told I had never looked happier and my eyes were sparkling and skin glowing. I feel everyone should go to Living Valley Springs at least once in their lifetime.