Helen Thomaidis

18/04/2022 No Comments

Hello beautiful people at Living Valley.

I just wanted to express my absolute gratitude and total delight for the two weeks I spent at this spectacular retreat.

It more than surpassed my expectations.

I have been hearing quite a bit about LV from my dearest friend Helen who has been at least 12 times over the years.

It was always one of those… ‘One Day…’ thoughts for me.

And now it is …’When will I go again…’ thoughts.

Thank you does not cut it in terms of the amazing staff, who continually give and give, with heart and soul and beautiful smiles.

The genuine care and consideration offered daily is extraordinary. 

It was an absolute privilege to have experienced two wonderful weeks in your space and I honestly can’t wait to return.

THANK YOU. I am feeling so great!

What wonderful light you all shed on one and all.

Until next time