16/10/2019 No Comments

I have never ever had a more uplifting experience in my 63 years…  The time spent with your beautiful professional people has had a positive impact on me now and into the future. I was uplifted by you all to experience positive changes for the better both spiritually, physically and psychologically.

I can’t express the full benefits I received from you beautiful people. I thank the Lord for guiding me to the lecture in Perth last September, where I met Gary and received the message, which compelled me to search for LVS, I found you and signed both Jacque and myself up for the program.

The rest is history and I am on the wings of positive energy with a view forward to increased enjoyment in life.

I can never thank the LVS family enough for the “grace” I have received from you all and we have vowed to return (on our Harleys) to you all.

25th February 2015.