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Part 1: Health Journey To Elcho Island

It has been just over 3 months since the wonderful Yolngu women from Elcho Island visited Living Valley Springs and not only had life changing results but also changed our lives forever in the process.

During their stay we equipped, educated and empowered them to reclaim back their unprecedented wealth of knowledge in primal health and wellness that runs so deep in their culture.

So now it’s our turn to go out of our comfort zone just as they did and dive in deeper taking with us our excitement and passion for health and wellness and bringing together a willingness to listen, learn and adapt. We will be sending two of our team; myself (Jessica Gaunt) as a Naturopath and Michelle Luxford from our main centre on this Northern Territory health adventure.

With our experience in the health and wellness industry we will be working on ways to be able to make nutritional health and education more accessible to Elcho Island while also supporting the Yolngu people on their own mission to start their own health retreat on Elcho island.

We feel so honoured and privileged that these women chose us to assist in facilitating and supporting them on their journey in making an unmeasurable difference in their community. Stay tuned, follow and share this wonderful and exciting journey in the restoration of hope, health and life. Follow us for updates on Facebook and Instagram – @livingvalley and @jess.gaunt

Jessica Gaunt

Author Jessica Gaunt

Jess brings a passion for women’s health, excitement for life and an infectious laugh to the medical team at Living Valley Health Retreat!

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