Take That Depression!

“It is a life changing experience.”

I have been dealing with depression on and off since the age of 12. After years of working physically hard, helping others while being a single mother, I started in 2010 to go in the path of depression again.

By the end of January 2011, I was experiencing total burn out, break down emotionally and physically as well as having dealt with chronic fatigue, anxiety and panic attacks. I simply could not handle life anymore and was more then overwhelmed with the simplest task, which led me to stop working at end of January. My GP was helping to sustain me with supplements, vitamins etc. But I was facing a wall, and my body/mind could not go on.

After finishing working, I ended up “listening” to my body “and slept for almost two months day and night”. I simply could not do anything else.

Around mid-March, I started to wake up rested for the first time in years. It is then that I decided to look for a Health Centre to accelerate the process of healing. I chose to come to Living Valley Springs for that reason.

What I found on my arrival was an amazing, peaceful surrounding and warm reception. After only three days of treatments my energy level increased a great deal, and finally by the end of the 10 days, I did not need to sleep or rest during the day. I realised the chronic fatigue was gone! My mind followed and depression was no more to be!

Everybody at Living Valley Springs has a warm, gentle, caring, encouraging attitude. The physical treatment, the counseling empowering package, the delicious healthy food, the education part through out the various lectures, all of these are factors that had deep impact on my becoming whole and allowing me to heal.

I would recommend to anyone to come here. It is a life changing experience. I thank you all at LVS. You make the world a better place to be in.

With Love