Stroke Recovery

“The carers all excelled.”

In 2003, I suffered a severe stroke. I lost mobility and was told by the doctors that I would never walk again, or move my left arm. I didn’t believe it! For four years I have searched to find the right people to help me.

In April 2007, I checked into Living Valley Springs for a 24 day programme. The attention I received and the results achieved were absolutely amazing. I extended my stay to 38 days, then to 52.

The naturopaths designed a programme to encourage the growth of new nerves. Physical therapies from Rodney and his team produced improvements every day. Personal training by Mark Smith was fantastic. I even did the emotional counselling package with Joanne. She can really get in touch with people. She provided practical ways to apply the healing principles in my life. The carers all excelled. Mark and Leanne were particularly wonderful. They even took care of my personal laundry needs.

The food – Unbelievable! Roger, Danny and Raelene, thank you for adding so much love and skill to the meals, and for all the personal care that you provided for me. I have made so many friends, with the staff, and their loving families who often visited me and even invited me for meals. I can now walk long distances. I even climbed half way up Cooroora Mountain (with Rodney’s help). I can move my arm and hand again. I can even drink a glass of water with my left hand. Everyone was amazed when I lifted my left leg like a ballerina.

My system is clean and I feel healthier and happier than ever, thanks to Living Valley Springs.