Multiple Sclerosis

“The symptoms…began to subside within weeks of commencing the treatment.”

In March 2004 I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, a serious and potentially debilitating auto-immune disease for which western medicine believes there is currently no cure.

My doctor strongly recommended I immediately commence daily injections of an immuno-suppressive substance for the rest of my life, and told me to “hope for a cure”.

In the weeks following the diagnosis a series of synchronistic events led me to Gary Martin ND and Living Valley Springs Health Retreat. Since I was fortunate enough to live in Kin Kin, not far from LVS, Gary willingly agreed to treat me on an outpatient basis.

Under his care I commenced a treatment protocol that offered the potential to arrest the progress of the disease, and facilitate a reversal of symptoms and return to health.

In line with my belief in my body’s ability to heal itself, the protocol required an eighteen- month commitment to following an individualised program based on blood chemistry, hair analysis and dental examination. The safe removal of my amalgam fillings was a fundamental step in the treatment protocol.

The symptoms which included impaired vision, and loss of mobility, balance and co-ordination, began to subside within weeks of commencing the treatment.

Their reversal has been sustained, my recovery ongoing. I am the most healthy and energetic I have felt for many years.

At Living Valley Springs I was introduced to people with health issues similar to my own, and their assurances that I had come to the right place and was in good hands strengthened my resolve to follow the treatment protocol, and do whatever was required.

Gary Martin ND and the dedicated team members that make Living Valley Springs what it is, are truly remarkable. Their commitment and passion for what they do is inspirational.

I credit Gary with having been instrumental in saving my life. His enthusiasm and belief in my ability to recover gave me the confidence to embark on, what was for me, an adventure into the unknown.

The course my life has taken since my diagnosis has exposed me to many extraordinary and inspirational people, demonstrating to me on a very personal level just what can be achieved when like-minded people work together towards a common goal – in this case, my recovery from multiple sclerosis.

I acknowledge all at Living Valley Springs Health Retreat for their excellence in care, service and support.