12 Years of Agonising Pain Gone

“The depression, abdominal pain, endometriosis, infertility, polycystic ovaries etc have all gone.”

My health hit rock bottom in my late twenties. From the advantage of hindsight, I think it was rooted in my addiction to sugar and anything sweet from an early age. I craved these foods if I was happy, sad, tired or anxious.

After many years of using these foods for comfort, combined with lack of exercise, a mouth full of amalgams, a low fat diet and unhealthy lifestyle habits, my body started to sound big warning bells.

It has taken many years to understand these warnings and to put my body back into a position to win. But thanks to God’s grace, my dear friends at Living Valley Springs, a great deal of study and persistence (which has at times wavered), I am seeing the results of an environment in which my body can heal.

I am now 42. The past 17 years have included sugar & carbohydrate cravings, diagnosis of hemochromatosis, fibro myalgia, chronic fatigue, constant abdominal & joint pain, depression, serious suicidal thoughts, asthma, chest infections after colds, many course of antibiotics, asthma medications, abnormal cervical cells, a period of constant candida, bloating, coffee addiction, codeine addiction, years of awful unexplained stomach pain just to the left of my navel, a single headache that has lasted about 11 years, 35 kg weight gain, years of infertility, two miscarriages, panic attacks, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries and have I mentioned the all over pain, pain, pain?!

Miraculously, nearly 8 years ago, my husband I were blessed with the first of our two girls, who are 18 months apart.

Both were conceived naturally despite all the difficulties my body was experiencing. But…both had very weak immune systems and were constantly sick.

Nursing sick children and feeling so sick myself was a nightmare. We had to employ someone to help me with daily life.

We felt very isolated out in Western Qld with no-one to help me apart from the local medical offer of anti-depressants.

It was suggested that I get used to the diagnosis of fibro myalgia and chronic fatigue. I so desperately wanted relief from the hell. I refused to believe that there weren’t answers somewhere.

I started to study health at any available moment to try and get myself well. I had 12 amalgams removed from my teeth, as I soon learnt that mercury poisoning was the root of many diseases. Unfortunately, I hadn’t learnt that the removal should be done by a biological dentist. So….I now had mercury poisoning which was confirmed in hair sample tests along with other heavy metals.

My health plummeted. I was a mess. I prayed that I would find help. A prayer was answered beyond my expectation. I looked for a place in Australia that would help my body through a serious detoxification process. I was lead to Living Valley Springs.

By the end of 10 wonderful days there, Gary Martin realised I had problems with my TMJ joint and he sent me to a biological dentist for assistance.

I was then started on program based on my full blood chemistries, high protein/saturated fat diet which supported my body to deal with the mercury overload.

I started to improve for the first time in about 12- 13 years. The depression, abdominal pain, endometriosis, polycystic ovaries etc have all gone.

I still battled sugar and coffee addictions for a ages, but at long last, both are behind me and my body is recovering.

I have been to LVS for further detoxification and education about how to keep my body in good health. I have put into practise much of what I have learnt at LVS.

I continue to study for the benefit of myself, my family and others around me.

I have seen improvement in my skin, my nails, my hair, even my eyes show the healing, the asthma is almost non existent, and there also some reduction in the high level of pain and fatigue. I have no doubt that I will see these remaining symptoms disappear with time.

I thank everyone at LVS – all of you – for your willingness to earnestly care for people and desire their good health in the way that you do. I thank God for your work at Living Valley Springs.