Couples Enrichment Retreat

Restoring Relationship Wellness

Healthy relationships are vital to our mental, physical and emotional well being. As an initiative for couples, the Psychology team at Living Valley has incorporated 40 years of research from the world-renowned Gottman Institute on Relationship Therapy to create a program that is specifically designed to rejuvenate your relationship.

Living Valley Health Retreat has been centered on promoting holistic health and wellness for 30 years and this program is no exception. We will delve into all things physical and psychological that can affect your body, your mind and the quality of your relationship. As the ultimate package for couples, this program incorporates and extends beyond the inclusions found in our Mental Wellness and Power Cleanse & Detox programs.

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The Relationship Enrichment Retreat is designed for couples who:

  • Are feeling disconnected, detached or experiencing some form of disharmony with each other
  • Have lost a sense of cohesion
  • Feel unable to effectively communicate or feel unheard and misunderstood.
  • Want to deepen intimacy and connection together
  • Have undergone relationship trauma and stress
  • Are about to go through, or have recently experienced, a significant relationship event: marriage, children, moving, careers.
  • Want to learn practical ways to add depth to your connection
  • Want to invest time to nurture and care for your relationship
  • Want to acquire helpful skills to create a relationship that doesn’t just survive, but thrives!

It’s the small things, done often, that make more difference than the big things, done sometimes

– John Gottman
You will work closely with our Psychologists to identify and work on the following key areas of your relationship:

01. Communication

Practical tools to improve communication and manage conflict effectively.

02. Intimacy

Habits, rituals and practices to deepen friendship and intimacy.

03. Aspirations

Revive aspirations and dreams for your lives individually and as a couple.

Inclusions in the couples retreat program

Under the direction of Clinical Psychologist, Ric Collen, along with a team of experienced naturopathic doctors and multi-skilled therapists, you will start to see your relationship in a new light.

Our Couples Enrichment Retreat Packages start every Sunday and offer a 7, 14 or 21 day stay option. Prior to your arrival you will also receive:

  • One hour skype/phone pre-retreat consultation with your treating psychologist
  • Comprehensive pre-arrival online relationship assessment

Once at the retreat you will receive:

  • Three 90 minute couples therapy sessions
  • Two individual naturopathic consultations each
  • Two Couples Massage Lessons

See below for the full list of inclusions.

Communication is the key to any successful relationship!

Activities to promote Relationship Wellness:

Pre arrival skype or telephone consultation with our clinical psychologist

Pre-arrival comprehensive questionnaire to complete individually

Personal 90min couples therapy sessions with our clinical psychologist

  • 7 day – 3 couples therapy sessions
  • 14 day – 5 couples therapy sessions
  • 21 day – 7 couples therapy sessions
Couples Massage Lessons:

  • Learn and practice the techniques of couples massage to provide deep relaxation to your partner, facilitated by our massage therapist and educator
Relationship Enrichment Resource Package to take home

Activities to promote Mental Wellness:

Group education and training with our psychologist

  • Explore the psychological reasons why we are often hijacked by difficult emotions into unhelpful behaviours and thinking patterns
  • Identify toxic behavioural cycles that may be keeping you stuck and discover the values you’d like to walk more closely towards.
Food for thought:

  • An interactive workshop with one of our qualified naturopaths targeting nutrition for Mental and Emotional wellbeing.
Aroma Transformation Technique:

  • A deeply therapeutic treatment utilizing massage techniques along with pure essential oils that have been known to promote emotional healing and wellness.

Activities to promote
Physical Wellness

2 Personal Naturopathic Consultations each:

  • 7-day – 2 sessions
  • 14-day – 3 sessions
  • 21 day – 4 sessions
Individualized take home program and meal plan constructed by your naturopath

2 personal wellness workout sessions with our qualified Fitness Trainer

Structured Cleansing using Detox Shakes, Juices and Broths (if desired and supported by treating naturopath)

Body Composition assessment using Direct Segmental Multi-frequency Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis.
Two other remedial treatments. Choose your preferred two treatments from this list:

  • Remedial massages
  • Reflexology
  • Hot stone massages
  • Essential oil realignment therapies
  • Gentle lymphatic drainage massages
  • Therapeutic clay wraps
  • Extra colonic hydrotherapy
  • Select from a range of beauty treatments
    Treatment choices must be advised at time of booking. Extra treatments may be booked on site subject to availability.

Supplementary Inclusions:

Quality Meals

Daily educational health and lifestyle lectures


Breath & relaxation classes

Group pilates sessions

Daily steam baths

Morning stretch classes

Group fitness classes

Sunrise Mountain Climb

Access to gym, swimming pool & kilometres of superb natural bush-walks

Complimentary transfers from the Brisbane & Sunshine Coast airports every Sunday

Couples Program Prices

Starting Every Sunday. Prices are per couple.

Room Type7 Days14 Days21 Days

Please Note: Living Valley Health Retreat is a Registered Public Benevolent Institution (not for profit). Rates are calculated to cover costs and are subject to change without notice.

Living Valley now offers

a new way to pay for programs:

From 2020, Living Valley will be affiliated with Payright to aid individuals and families who would benefit from our programs but may not have the finances immediately available to do so.
This service will allow you to break down payments for your selected retreat program into easier-to-manage weekly, fortnightly, or monthly blocks with no interest over a 9-24 month period.

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