Meet the Team

With over 28 years’ experience, the Living Valley team has attended to over 15,000 guests, helping every one of them to optimise health and longevity. Members of the Living Valley team are specialists in naturopathic and herbal medicine, remedial therapies and weight-loss, rejuvenation, healing and life extension.

We implement solutions based on the philosophy that our bodies are designed to win when given the right conditions.

Meet some of our 50-strong team below and discover their qualifications and experience. At Living Valley, you will find a passion for enriching and enhancing your life!

Giselle Alford


Giselle is the daughter of Gary Martin. Her first role was Head Cook 1995 thru 2000. Since then she has worked in every department including gardening, maintenance and cleaning, beauty therapies, massage, reception, accounts, shop, marketing and now management. Giselle is an enthusiastic health advocate, presenter, wholesome food creator and cooking instructor. She is also a health & well-being educator, an author and mother of 3 children. She strives to apply all her experience and skills for the benefit of others. With over 25 years’ experience in natural health and healing, Giselle was appointed Managing Director and CEO in November 2016. She supervises the entire operation, ensuring that all our guests receive the highest level of personal care.

Gary Martin

ND. AFAIM. - Retreat Founder

In 1990 Gary co-founded Living Valley Springs for the purpose of relieving sickness, suffering and distress - and making life better for as many people as he could. He was awarded the Australian Naturopathic Practitioners Association Professional Excellence Award in 2008. Gary has built a team of friendly, caring professionals who all live to serve others. His principles in relation to lifestyle, disease and natural healing have helped turn around the health and lives of over ten thousand people.

Mat Hawkins

Retreat Coordinator

Mat spent many years as a youth worker in Launceston, Tasmania. After suffering from his own health conditions, he attended Living Valley as a guest and it changed his life.
A year later he returned with his family and took on the position of Retreat Coordinator and the Team Leader for our Guests Services.
He has a deep love for people and is passionate about being there to support and encourage every single guest that attends our programs. Mat is full of life and brings an atmosphere of fun and laughter to the Retreat.

``Mat is a bundle of energy and makes everyone smile in his presence. His positivity, humour and personality are a true shining light in the Living Valley community``.

John (Toby) Tobin

BHSc., ND. - Medical Team Manager

Toby's passion for health started at the tender age of 14 when he first joined the Living Valley team in 1993. By the age of 18 Toby had earned diplomas and qualifications in Physiology & Anatomy, Medical Terminology, Remedial Massage, Colonic Hydrotherapy, Sports Injury Massage, Lymphatic Drainage and Microscopy. He took study leave from 1998 to 2002 to complete his Bachelor of Health Sciences degree and returned as a Doctor of Naturopathy. Toby heads up our medical team, providing decades of wisdom and clinical experience. He lives to bless others and he is here for you!


Giselle Martin

Retreat CEO

Gary Martin ND.

Assistant CEO & Co-Founder

Guest Services

Mat Hawkins

General Manager – Retreat

Jenny Cutler


Zac Luxford

Assistant Team Leader

Judy Scrase

Guest Relations Officer

Mark Smith

Fitness Trainer

Debbie Martin

Guest Services

Cassie O’Grady

Guest Services


Geoff Sargood

Payroll & Accounts

Judy Davis

Property Maintenance

Nathan Palmer

Property Manager – Electrician

Todd Alford


Bob Eldridge

Grounds Maintenance

Gavin Cloete

Grounds Maintenance

 Kevin Palmer


Bill Alford


Tanya Eldridge


Rob Anderson


Samuel Thompson

General Maintenance


John (Toby) Tobin BHSc., ND.

Medical Department Manager – Naturopath

Jessica Gaunt BHSc., ND.


Kirsten Sweeney BHSc., ND.


Tanya Eldridge

Medical Secretary & Records

Health Shop

Julie Palmer

Sales Manager

Alyson Hawkins

Sales Assistants

Gail Alford

Product Packaging


Aimee Warren

Beauty Coordinator

Aly Hawkins

Beauty Therapist

Jodie Buchanan

Beauty Therapist

Debra Miller

Beauty Therapist

Angela Smith

Beauty Therapist



Michelle Luxford


Danusha Smith

Kaigasee Gleeson

Rujinah Amat

Nathan Roy



Marketing & Sales

Cathy Paterson

General Manager – Sales & Administration

Sarah Smith

Booking Officer

Chantelle Frew

Office Assistant

Remedial Therapists

June Huf

Colonic Hydrotherapy, Massage Therapist, Clay Wraps

Norma Guzman

Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, Pure Relaxation

Gill Rodgers

Remedial Massage, Aroma Transformation

Kym Tankey

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Angela Smith

Remedial Massage, Clay Wraps

Main Centre & Kitchen

Mick Benaud

Head Chef

Tamara Eldridge

Trainee Chef

Alex Benaud

Kitchen Assistant

Kaigasee Gleeson

Cook & Evening Assistant

Zaleah Gleeson

Kitchen Assistant

Jai Gleeson

Kitchen Assistant

Aaliyah Alford

Kitchen Assistant

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